About Us

We're Nalora Secret

A curated wholesale market empowering retailers to buy what they love and to find one-of-a-kind products for their store from the best indie brands.

Our mission

We created Nalora Secret because we believe everyone deserves a chance to follow their passions. If you’re an emerging retailer looking to grow your business, or searching for the perfect set of products to stock your store with, our wholesale market has everything you need.

With Nalora Secret, it’s truly never been easier to buy wholesale. It’s time to find success doing what you love! We’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

We understand retail

We know that retail is personal. In fact, it isn't really about getting or placing orders. It's about relationships. It’s about a store owner buying tried-and-true favorites to delight their regular local customer: the mom around the corner, the couple up the block. It’s about a brand finding a new home offline, in the careful hands of a Store Manager who’s eager to sell their line and tell their story. It’s about retailers and brands meeting face-to-face, or the occasional phone call, where retailers can quickly share feedback, and brands can share updates. The best retail experiences - the stores we all love - are powered by an invisible web of small businesses championing each other and cheering each other on.

We think wholesale should be fun and hassle-free

Nalora Secret’s platform is simple and straightforward for retailers. Our slick order management tools, shipping guidelines, invoicing system, Direct Messaging feature and more make online wholesale a breeze. That way, retailers can focus on fine-tuning their assortments, inventory planning, and engaging customers. We’re built to help you succeed - and sell! That’s what Nalora Secret is all about.

We believe in brand and retailer relationships, not just transactions

At Nalora Secret, we believe in making wholesale human again. Frankly, this isn’t that revolutionary. It’s just what you deserve. If we’ve learned anything from our brands and retailers, it’s that you’re resilient as hell. You’re scrappy. You’re passionate. You’re creative, hard-working, unbreakable and unique. You’re a remarkable creator making beautiful products, or a masterful curator running a compelling, money-making storefront. You depend on each other to sell and grow, and you’re both looking for partnership. You’re both looking for connection, feedback and support. Put simply, we want to facilitate the community and connection you’ve been asking for.

Helping retailers stock their store

Our team of retail experts hand-pick high quality brands with compelling stories and strong values, so you can stock your store with unique products that your customers will love.

Building a one-of-a-kind community

From powerful brand stories to purposeful ingredients, our marketplace is more than just a platform to shop products. Discover makers with values that align with your own or have stories that captivate you, so you can provide products in your store that will spark a deeper connection with your customers.